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Detecting if windows service is already installed using puppet exec

asked 2016-06-08 07:49:55 -0600

praneethjonna gravatar image

I have below exec resource which is used to install a window service. I want to it to execute only if the window service is not installed.So I have onlyif command but the command is not working it is running the install all the time. Any help regarding this appreciated.

exec { "install-${target_path}/${binary_name}":
    command   => "${installUtil_filepath} /i /servicename=\"${service_name}\" /displayname=\"${display_name}\" /description=\"${description}\" \"${target_path}\\${binary_name}\"",
    onlyif    => "if((Get-Service \"${service_name}\" -ErrorAction SilentContinue).DisplayName -eq  ${display_name}) { exit 1 } else { exit 0 }",
    logoutput => true,
    provider => powershell,
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answered 2016-06-08 11:00:06 -0600

praneethjonna gravatar image

if(Get-Service \"${service_name}\") { exit 1 } else { exit 0 }. This works

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