External CA configuration with puppet agent

asked 2016-06-17 10:14:08 -0600

praveen2288 gravatar image

I am trying to configure the puppetserver and agent to use external CA with - Root self-signed CA & - Master and Agent having its own ssl certificate

After configuring puppetserver (in webserver.conf), the service was started successfully.
I configured the agent to use certificates in puppet.conf. Settings below.

hostcert = /usr/cachelogic/var/device-pki/dev_cert.pem 
hostprivkey = /usr/cachelogic/var/device-pki/dev_key.pem 
localcacert = /usr/cachelogic/var/device-pki/CAcert.pem

While starting the puppet agent following this the error message that I get.

Debug: Using cached certificate for ca
Debug: Creating new connection for https://cp3.zzz152d1.cdn:8140
Debug: Using cached certificate for ca
Error: Could not run: stack level too deep

Any pointers on debugging this issue will be helpful. Thanks.

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