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Basic Help Installing Chocolatey

asked 2016-06-24 11:39:29 -0600

SaxxAppeal gravatar image

Hi, I am completely new to Puppet, but reading and learning a lot!

I have a working Puppet master with Foreman, and 2 nodes set up and working correctly.

I have been pulling my hair out trying to understand the procedure to install Chocolatey to my systems. I was able to get the module onto my server with

puppet module install chocolatey-chocolatey

I then imported the module to my Puppet master. I assigned the "chocolatey" class to my host and ran puppet on my node. I watched files for Chocolatey download to the node...

That's where I stopped. I'm missing something glaringly obvious, just not sure what it is. I've been able to install and deploy other modules from the Forge with no issue.

Can anyone help a newbie out??

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answered 2018-01-31 14:47:19 -0600

anu.allam gravatar image

I am new to puppet. Trying to install chocolatey using puppet module 1. Downloaded puppet chocolatey from 2. Added 'Include Chocolatey' to site.pp 3. In modules, I have chocolatey, stdlib 4. Run puppet apply --config puppet.conf --modulepath ...\modules site.pp Getting the below error.

Error: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Function call, validate_re(): input needs to be a string, not a NIL class at chocolatey/manifests/init.pp:76:1

Other puppet modules works fine.

Can anyone please help.

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answered 2016-10-07 13:10:33 -0600

include chocolatey


class {'chocolatey':
  chocolatey_download_url         => 'https://internalurl/to/chocolatey.nupkg',
  use_7zip                        => false,
  choco_install_timeout_seconds   => 2700,

For more options see

Another thing to mention is that there is now a supported Chocolatey module. See

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