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Hiera variables help

asked 2016-06-28 16:10:07 -0600

puppetamateur gravatar image

updated 2016-06-29 17:39:43 -0600

can someone help me with including hiera variables where I donot have to repeat the "%{hiera('')}" and class:: every time


     class::param1: "valuees1"
     class::param2: "%{hiera('class::param1')}a"
     class::param3: "%{hiera('class::param1')}b"


     class2::param1: "valuees1"
     class2::param2: "%{hiera('class2::param1')}a"
     class2::param3: "%{hiera('class::param1')}b"
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answered 2016-06-29 20:34:10 -0600

lupin gravatar image

Read the docs here and ask if there's something you need that's not covered.

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