Getting wrong certificate (need certificate for client but I am getting certificate for master server name)

asked 2016-07-07 10:15:53 -0600

I am facing certificate issue. Earlier puppet was working on my server and client machine on Ubuntu OS (oracleVM). Today I started my puppet server (pradeepmaster) and puppet client (pradeepclient) and I found certificate was missing. When I was trying to reinstalled certificate, it install a certificate for pradeepmaster (server) in lieu of pradeepclient.

I run the following command on puppet server (pradeepmaster) $ puppet cert list $ puppet cert sign pradeepclient error:could not find certificate request for pradeepclient $ puppet cert list --all "pradeepmaster"

I run the following command on puppet client (pradeepclient)

sudo puppet agent -t

error : exiting; no certificate found and waitforcert is disabled

I also clear the earlier certificate and then run above commands.

I am getting wrong certificate for pradeepmaster, it should be pradeepclient, let me know where should I change to resolve this issue.

Regards, Pradeep

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