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puppet master coding

asked 2016-07-10 05:38:19 -0600

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I am new in Puppet. I want to manage access controls for puppet agents using Puppet master. If I get it right I should work with manifests, but I am going to set permissions on different files for different users. My questions are: How to manage such a big configuration on puppet master? Can I create .pp as much as possible with any names? If yes How to add all of them on Agents?

Kindly Regards, Abu

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answered 2016-09-04 06:33:15 -0600

AFAIK there's no limit for manifests *.pp. Manifest filenames should be ASCII printable with no white spaces [usingwhitespaceisracism (x.X)].

You should bundle your manifests into modules where appropriate.

In a client/server architecture all manifests go onto the puppetmaster. They're stored only there (or come from a repository). The agent then ask the puppetmaster: „Hey, I'm computer X. How shall I configure myself?“ And gets the proper response. The agent will never see the actually used manifests. He just receives instructions.

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