Installing puppetdb and postgres using modules

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I an trying to install puppetdb and postgres using the models as recommended in the puppetdb documentation I'm only adding a few items in my manifest to fix issues like pointing to the correct path based on what the module definitions are, and adding a password for the puppet account in postgres.

  class { 'puppetdb::globals': version => '4.1.2', }
  class { 'puppetdb':
    listen_address    => '',
    ssl_dir           => '/etc/puppetlabs/puppetdb/ssl',
    database_password => 'a-really-good_password',
    confdir           => '/etc/puppetlabs/puppetdb/conf.d',
  class { 'puppetdb::master::config':
    manage_config  => true,
    puppet_confdir => '/etc/puppetlabs/puppet',
    puppet_conf    => '/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/puppet.conf',

This, however, does not get pupetdb connected to postgres, or working at all. I end up with 50 postgres: puppetdb puppetdb idle postgres processes, but thats about it.

FYI, I am running CentOS 6.7 on the server with puppet server V 2.4.0-1, puppetdb V 4.1.2-1, puppetdb-termini V 4.1.2-1 and postgres V 9.4

My question is just, Does the module install work? If so, what am I missing? If anyone has installed the most recent versions of puppetdb and postgres would you be willing to share the manifests you used that worked?

James "Zeke " Dehnert

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