Not able to take backup of file in current directory

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updated 2016-08-18 04:27:13 -0600

I am managing configuration files using PE 2016.0.1 and I want to take backup of all files before it gets updated/modified. As per the documentation:

If set to a string beginning with . (e.g., .puppet-bak), Puppet will use copy the file in the same directory with that value as the extension of the backup. (A value of true is a synonym for .puppet-bak.)

Apparently this thing is not working at all as per following code set in site.pp:

# Disable filebucket by default for all File resources:
File { backup => '.puppet-bak', }

I see the output of puppet agent run as follows and no file is backed up with .puppet-bak extension:

Info: Computing checksum on file /tmp/ Info: /Stage[main]/Incentive::Incentive_16_09/File[ /tmp/]: Filebucketed /tmp/ to main with sum aefd437d1ede406b673fb37eb5fccf78 Notice: /Stage[main]/Incentive::Incentive_16_09/File[ /tmp/]/content: content changed '{md5}aefd437d1ede406b673fb37eb5fccf78' to '{md5}bb71ea6945fa83f332ac52cd327c0178'

Do I need to use filebucket as well? I just need to store the bacup file locally in current directory. Any hint or help would be appreciated.

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