Windows Puppet Parser Validate

asked 2016-08-19 14:37:11 -0600

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I have written a bash script that will ask a handful of questions of our system administrators when they are setting up their environment. We had been using Puppet-Labs and Git to validate the puppet code when we would commit and push the code up to the repository. We are moving to git-enterprise, which does not have the CI (Continuous Integration), so we are trying to figure out how to automate the validate of the puppet code when we are using the script and before it commits it.

I have found that when installing the Windows agent, it gives me the ability to use a CLI to run the puppet command to perform "puppet parser validate" which will validate the puppet file.

My question is that the entire puppet agent (installed) is about 85MB in size. I would like to whittle this down quite a bit to be included (possibly stand-alone) in the same directory as the script (used only internally.. this code will never leave UT, just in case there was any distribution concerns).

Do you know what I need (inclusive) or what I can remove (exclusive) of the files that make up the "Puppet Labs\puppet" directory that I would need to only perform a validation of puppet code?


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