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puupet not loading hiera data. [closed]

asked 2016-08-30 06:43:05 -0600

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Hi all! Iam a newbie to puppet and had a question regarding hiera. We have puppet and hiera already setup with many nodes. I have followed some instructions on signing the puppet node and restarting puppet server agent etc.. but my bottomline problem seems to be that puppet is not applying the yaml "facter" data to the new puupet node Iam trying to add. Any help would be good. Is there a way I can load this hiera data or am I missing something?

Just to add - running "facter" on the node produces all expected data, so that it working. Also a follow up question - do we manually create the "<agent>.yaml file or is it created by puppet somehow - sorry this maybe a fundamental question but as I said, I am a newbie to puppet.

Thanks for your time! Appreciate this!

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answered 2016-08-31 04:42:44 -0600

Jatsui gravatar image

Think I have now resolved this - thanks for moderating my question and it is good to know that there is this resource I can use in future for puppet related queries. The solution is as below.

Iam working on a highly customised puppet/hiera setup and so was a bit confused initially, especially as Iam new to puppet. The solution was to have the correct puppet "paths" in the "/etc/puppet.conf" file - our setup has all the puupet modules/manifests/hieradata in customised locations, so as soon as this change was made, puppet started applying config when the node was "resigned".

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