Hiera Data Provider Classic vs Version 4 Interpolation Behavior

asked 2016-09-09 18:08:44 -0600

JoshAcc gravatar image

When a variable cannot be resolved in a configured path for hiera v4 the entire lookup fails and nothing is returned. In Hiera classic, the lookup would continue on using the next defined path.

Example v4 hiera.yaml:

version: 4
datadir: data
- name: "Tier"
backend: yaml
path: "%{undefinedvariable}"

puppet lookup classes --node 'nodeone' --explain --merge unique
No such key: "undefinedvariable"

Is this expected behavior?

My use case is that not all of my nodes in the same environment have identical facts and if a dynamic path contains a variable that cannot be resolved, I would like the lookup to continue and use the paths that contain variables that can be resolved. Basically, continue to function as Hiera classic does.

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