Puppet Local Account Notify Issue [closed]

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user { 'acc1': ensure => present, managehome => true, password => 'Test123', groups => ['Administrators'], auth_membership => 'minimum', notify => Exec['app config'] }

exec { 'app config':
path        => 'c:\\program files (x86)\\app\\bin',
command     => 'config.bat -f responsefile.rsp',
refreshonly => true

The user is getting created, but I need the local account to be used for the app configuration.

The above puppet script is executed by domain account(abc\myname), and the application requires a local account to be used for the configuration.

So I have created a local account through puppet and using notify to tell exec to use the account created by the puppet. But when it is executed, the application is throwing error: "need a local account or administrator"

In logs it is giving the myname is not a local account or administrator.

I see that exec is not using the local user acc1 created by puppet.

Is there any other way where in I can direct the exec to user a particular local user account to use for configuration.

Please advise.

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