How do I enter a hash in Puppet Enterprise Console?

asked 2016-09-29 00:43:09 -0600

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I've used puppet open source but we are now looking into the use of puppet enterprise. I'm battling with the console at the moment to enter some specific parameters. In particular for mysql override_options which requires a hash.

Can anybody provide an example of what should be entered into the parameter field to set the bind_address?

I've tried so many different ways with quotes and braces but I keep getting:

Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Resource Statement, Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Function Call, mysql_deepmerge: unexpected argument type Array, only expects hash arguments at /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/modules/mysql/manifests/server.pp:52:14 on node Warning: Not using cache on failed catalog Error: Could not retrieve catalog; skipping run

According to this is should be as easy as: { "bind-address" : } but it keeps converting it to a string.

It's probably a real noob question and the answer may be "use the cli" but I need to try and do as much as possible in the GUI

Thanks in advance


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