puppet self paced eLearning won't start

asked 2016-10-17 17:39:39 -0600

I have signed up for quite few of the eLearning courses and wanted to start from the very beginning. I went to my profile and clicked on start eLearning box. I got to this screen

image description

saying my session is in progress but I do not see any slides or video or any active element on the page, while the we page data exchange is continuously spinning. I tried this with Latest version of Google as of today as well as IE 11, both running on Win 7 Professional Enterprise edition OS and no difference from one to the other .

What might be my problem ? I can read the course transcript and manually mark the lecture complete at thjis level of training, but for the future lectures, it will be beneficial to see the actual lecture instead of just reading the transcript

Thanks in advance

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