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Dependency loop with removal of directory and files when setting enabled to false

asked 2016-10-29 07:16:00 -0600

cyborg_squared gravatar image

I have a puppet module to manage firewalld, including creating the /etc/firewalld dir and adding the custom services xml files to /etc/firewalld/services/

The dependency ordering for enabled="true" is

Package["$package_name"] -> File['/etc/firewalld'] -> Service["$service_name"]

and then on the service add function I have

  define firewalld_zone_add_service($zone, $service) {
    exec { "firewalld_${zone}_add_service_${service}":
      path    => '/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin',
      command => "firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=${zone} --add-service=${service}",
      unless  => "firewall-cmd -q --permanent --zone=${zone} --query-service=${service}",
      notify  => Exec['firewalld_reload'],
      require => [ Exec["firewalld_zone_create_$zone"],

This all works fine, but when I set it to enabled="false" it fails. The ordering is the reverse:

Service["$service_name"]  -> File['/etc/firewalld'] -> Package["$package_name"]

This returns an error as the removal of the /etc/firewalld directory also removes the services files and I get a file not found error when it trues to set $file_ensure = 'absent'

If I try and set the ordering so the files are removed before the directory, I get a dependency loop error

Service["$service_name"] ->  File['networker'] -> File['snmpd'] -> File['/etc/firewalld'] -> Package["$package_name"]

So my questions is, how do I manage this loop? Is there a way to ignore $file_ensure for enabled="false" so it doesn't try and set anything if the directory removal also removes the managed configuration files.

Thank you.

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answered 2016-11-01 05:14:58 -0600

Emerson Prado gravatar image

Before you try to sort out the dependencies: from the OS point of view, you can't remove files from a package before uninstalling the package. I suggest you try the following order for enabled = 'false':
Service["$service_name"] -> Package["$package_name"] -> File['/etc/firewalld']
That said, many of the files you manage will probably be removed when the package is uninstalled. Don't treat files not found in the last step as an error.

As for the dependency loop, is the error message complete? I can't see the cycle, that is, the repeated resource. Could you pls double-check?
Anyway, it seems you have the dependencies declared in two different locations: a general one and another one specific for the enabled = 'false' case. They seem to be comficting.

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