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When refreshing class list we receive "Error retrieving class definitions"?

asked 2016-11-02 15:57:31 -0600

nwilkerson gravatar image

When we try to refresh the class list we receive the error "Error retrieving class definitions".

The only log message I can find is "2016/11/02 13:47:38 [error] 3666#0: *8120 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream,"

Makes me thing there is a timout in Nginx wiating for the data to come back?

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answered 2016-11-06 15:54:26 -0600

yes- this is an nginx error - looks like its taking > 60seconds to answer - try and increase the value of proxyreadtimeout to 300 in nginx.con

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Asked: 2016-11-02 15:57:31 -0600

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