If environment variable LEATHERMAN_RUBY is unset, how facter find the ruby library?

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doc: The environment variable LEATHERMANRUBY can be used to explicitly instruct native Facter to use a particular Ruby library (e.g. LEATHERMANRUBY=/usr/local/lib/libruby.so.1.9.3). If not set, native Facter will search for and load the highest version Ruby library on the system.

As it said, when i set environment variable LEATHERMAN_RUBY=/usr/local/puppetall-4.5.2/lib/libruby.so.2.2.0, facter run with no warning. But if unset it , facter run with warning: 2016-11-04 08:46:53.615730 WARN puppetlabs.facter - could not locate a ruby library: facts requiring Ruby will not be resolved

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why it could not find the ruby library? (the facter3.3.0 build from tarball )

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