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I am really frustrated puppet. I have my code working the way I expected when I run "puppet agent --test " from my node. However, the scheduled runs behaves differently.

I have code as below:

class ora_linux_psu::psu_ordering {
include ora_linux_psu::cls_shutdown_for_patch
include ora_linux_psu::cls_db_pre_patch_script
include ora_linux_psu::cls_psu_apply
include ora_linux_psu::cls_db_post_patch_script
include  ora_linux_psu::cls_db_start
include ora_linux_psu::cls_run_catbundle
include ora_linux_psu::cls_send_status

-> Class['ora_linux_psu::cls_db_pre_patch_script']


When I run from the node , if it meets fail condition in the first class ora_linux_psu::cls_shutdown_for_patch - it doesn't execute the remaining classes. However scheduled automatic run recognize the fail condition and continue with the rest of the classes.

Can anyone advice ?

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What do you mean by “scheduled automatic runs”?

Kai Burghardt gravatar imageKai Burghardt ( 2016-11-07 22:21:25 -0600 )edit

Every 30 minutes Servers compiles the catalog and push necessary classes to the agent. That is what I meant by scheduled run. When I manually run, I execute "puppet agent --test" from the agent node.

ancymathews gravatar imageancymathews ( 2016-11-07 22:41:25 -0600 )edit

running puppet agent -t or waiting for the daemon should behave the same unless you ran puppet agent -t as your user, and the daemon runs as root. or they are somehow using different environment

DarylW gravatar imageDarylW ( 2016-11-08 07:06:34 -0600 )edit