storeconfigs mysql backend

asked 2017-01-05 05:21:01 -0600

davideagle gravatar image

I'm running puppet in a masterless setup and I'm looking for a way to use mysql as a storeconfigs backend instead of using puppetdb.

My reasons are that I am running the masterless setup in a cloud environment where I use puppet to control many different projects and I can not guarantee unique hostnames across different cloud projects which causes problems when you use a single puppetdb server for all projects where you start to see a race condition on exported resources between hosts with the same name in different projects.

My idea is to set up a mysql server that would host multiple dbs for storeconfigs, one for each project to prevent this collision between hosts having the same hostname.

My first issue is that I can not locate any documentation on how to enable mysql as a storeconfigs_backend.

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