Unknown Puppet subcommand 'enterprise'

asked 2017-01-12 10:40:50 -0600

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I'm in process of upgrading PE 2015.3.1 to 2016.4.2. In the process, I've upgraded it to 2015.3.3 version first. It went smooth. Then, I'm trying to upgrade it to 2016.4.2. On puppet master, when I run "/tmp/puppet-enterprise-2016.4.2-el-6-x86_64/puppet-enterprise-installer" it threw the below error. Can you please help me in fixing this.

2017-01-12 15:22:55,946 Running command: /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/puppet enterprise configure --detailed-exitcodes --modulepath /opt/puppetlabs/server/data/enterprise/modules Error: Unknown Puppet subcommand 'enterprise' See 'puppet help' for help on available puppet subcommands * /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/puppet enterprise configure --detailed-exitcodes --modulepath /opt/puppetlabs/server/data/enterprise/modules * returned: 1 2017-01-12 15:22:57,177 [ERROR]: !! There were problems during the application of the installation catalog. !! 2017-01-12 15:22:57,180 [ERROR]: !! Review the logs at /var/log/puppetlabs/installer/2017-01-12T15.22.18-0500.install.log and resolve any issues you can find. !! 2017-01-12 15:22:57,183 [ERROR]: !! After fixing any errors, re-run the installer to complete the installation or upgrade. !! 2017-01-12 15:22:57,187 Running command: /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/puppet agent --enable

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Hello Harish, I am also getting same kind error Error: Unknown Puppet subcommand 'infrastructure' See 'puppet help' for help... I am using 2016.5 version on top of RHEL7.3 (puppet-enterprise-2016.5.2-el-7-x86_64)... I think these two errors are related. Can you please help me out how to resolve it?

koushik_puppet gravatar imagekoushik_puppet ( 2017-03-03 08:18:00 -0600 )edit