How to use dsc_script?

asked 2017-01-23 10:56:24 -0600

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Hey I'm trying to use the dsc module and create a dsc_script to run something for me. I didn't find any documentation about it besides the dsc modeule itself. It would be helpful instead of using the exec command and put a powershell code. (If the module has this capability, why not?)

The code I have was adapted form I know that a puppet module for installing MSSQL already exist. I'm just trying to use the dsc_script resource.

 dsc_script { 'InstallSQLServer':
dsc_getscript  => '$sqlInstances = gwmi win32_service -computerName localhost | ? { $_.Name -match "mssql*" -and $_.PathName -match "sqlservr.exe" } | % { $_.Caption }
            $res = $sqlInstances -ne $null -and $sqlInstances -gt 0
            $vals = @{Installed = $res; InstanceCount = $sqlInstances.count}
dsc_setscript  => '$setupDriveLetter = (Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath \\servershare\Microsoft\SQL2014\en_sql_server_2014_enterprise_edition_x64_dvd_3932700.iso -PassThru | Get-Volume).DriveLetter + ":"
            if ($setupDriveLetter -eq $null) {
                throw "Could not mount SQL install iso"
            Write-Verbose "Drive letter for iso is: $setupDriveLetter"
            # run the installer using the ini file
            $cmd = "$setupDriveLetter\Setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=\\servershare\database\ConfigurationFile.ini /SQLSVCPASSWORD=P2ssw0rd /AGTSVCPASSWORD=P2ssw0rd /SAPWD=P2ssw0rd"
            Write-Verbose "Running SQL Install - check %programfiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Setup Bootstrap\Log\ for logs..."
            Invoke-Expression $cmd | Write-Verbose',
dsc_testscript => '$sqlInstances = gwmi win32_service -computerName localhost | ? { $_.Name -match "mssql*" -and $_.PathName -match "sqlservr.exe" } | % { $_.Caption }
            $res = $sqlInstances -ne $null -and $sqlInstances -gt 0
            if ($res) {
                Write-Verbose "SQL Server is already installed"
            } else {
                Write-Verbose "SQL Server is not installed"


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