Tomcat module - How to use versioned warfiles

asked 2017-01-27 07:40:51 -0600

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How do people use the Tomcat module if it's unable to recognise when an updated war file needs to be deployed ?

This problem is discussed in PuppetLabs ticket MODULES-1545:

In November 2015 a fix was described in a diff file attached to the ticket. After applying the fix to the module's war.pp the module works OK. Puppet is able to act when the supplied war filename reflects a change in version, it is also able to set the desired context root from a different parameter.

The ticket gives an example which shows where to supply the versioned warfile name and where to supply the desired context root.

That fix was suggested over a year ago but it hasn't made it into the module, why is this ?

Is there a way to make the above work without this fix ?

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