Error Creating Directory on Windows Mount Points

asked 2017-02-09 08:11:40 -0600

jimjam gravatar image

Puppet agent is failing to create a directory, using the file resource, under a mount point. I have a server with a local drive, a directory, and then mount points inside that directory: P:\Mounts\Backups - Backups is the name of the mount point.

I am attempting to create directories under this (P:\Mounts\Backups\Database) and I receiving an error message which says the parent directory (P:\Mounts\Backups) does not exist, which is not true.

The most interesting test I have tried is:

  1. Puppet run - This fails claiming the parent directory (P:\Mounts\Backups) does not exist.

  2. Manually create the Database directory under P:\Mounts\Backups\ (which already exists)

  3. Puppet run - This succeeds. In addition, this second run has no issue changing the permissions on the Database directory.

In my testing I also attempted to create a file (as opposed to a directory) under the mount point. This was successful which leads me to believe this is isolated to directories.

Windows Server 2012 R2, Puppet 3.8.7.

Anyone have any experience with Window's mount points?

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