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Can I use puppet to install application with interactive installer

asked 2017-02-10 08:27:24 -0600

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We are going to use Puppet to install our application on Redhat linux environment. Plan is to use one Puppet Master and 24 agent servers. Problem is that your application installer don't have silent install mode and it's interactive and prompts around 10 times for Y/N during the install. How I can overcome this situation in Puppet? Is there any example which I can see? Please advice?

Thanks in advance, Gunay

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answered 2017-02-11 06:12:06 -0600

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Hi Gunay,

You can automate that interactive installation by using a script that will expect the different prompts. For instance, using bash, you can leverage on expect for such automation (or you can also use a bit more advanced language such as Python/Perl which offers more possibilities). Just to share an example of such automated installation, you can check this module, that's a simple module which aims to automate Netbackup Installation (Veritas Netbackup Software Installation is done is an Interactive way).

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