Learning VM how to get help with "simple" Question

asked 2017-03-04 05:54:56 -0600

I have what seems to be a simple issue, whilst going through Learning VM and the Quest guide, but I do not know who to ask to resolve it? The doc says to add the following parameters to be able to install graphite.

  • grwebserver = none
  • grdjangopkg = django
  • grdjangoprovider = pip
  • grdjangover = "1.5"

However when i select the parameter grwebserver and type in none, when i commit the change, it appears in PE console as "none". If i put 'none' then all that gets put between double quotes. Is this correct behaviour? If it is correct then I can look elsewhere as to why puppet agent --test fails with an error around only option for webserver is 'none' , 'nginx' etc (ie single quotes) I have searched for similar answers but not found any. I have not installed anything extra, apart from following the quest guide. This is 2016.5.1 PE. If this community is not the right place for a newbie startup Q like this, then who?

Thanks to anyone who views this and comments.

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