Seemingly Random (yet deterministic) Leading Spaces in comments with Augeas

asked 2017-04-03 16:33:53 -0600

ljkimmel9903 gravatar image

I have been modifying sshd_config with Augeas. I am inserting a series of comments before various settings. After doing so I can see that some comments have a leading space and others do not. I can then go back in and delete the comments. When I run the same module again the comments again have varying leading spaces. In one case it inserted a comment with about 6 leading spaces. More interestingly, it seemed to modify (3) previously existing comments above the inserted one to match the same 6 spaces.

Most interestingly of all if I start with the config file at the same state, run the Puppet module, delete comments, re-run the Puppet module, and so on, on each run the same comments will have the same number of leading spaces as they did at the same stage in a previous run.

Although, this does not affect the validity of the configuration file itself it is definitely strange behavior. Has anyone else seen this?

Puppet version: 3.8

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