Is there a way to set the out-of-sync interval as the host individual puppet run interval, but not to the global puppet interval ?

asked 2017-04-07 02:18:54 -0600

Hello, I have Foreman managed environment with many servers in it, with different puppet run intervals.

System Information: Version 1.10.2 © 2009-2017 Paul Kelly and Ohad Levy

The servers with puppet run interval bigger then the "Puppet interval" set in the Administer -> Settings -> Puppet are getting constantly in "Out of sync" state which in fact is fake ... Is there a way to set only "grace period" that will get the server in this state if the puppet agent has not been ran (e.g.) runinterval+graceperiod ...? Thank you in advance for your kind response. BR. N.Vlakov

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