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err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Please install the mysql adapter:

asked 2013-01-22 01:55:00 -0600

blue520 gravatar image

Hi all,

I got some problem when my agent connected the master.

My Puppet master is puppet-server-2.7.20-1 My Puppet agent is puppet-2.7.12-1.el6.noarch

On Puppet Agent

[root@puppet-agent2 puppet]# puppet agent -t --waitforcert 60
info: Retrieving plugin
info: Loading facts in /var/lib/puppet/lib/facter/root_home.rb
info: Loading facts in /var/lib/puppet/lib/facter/pe_version.rb
info: Loading facts in /var/lib/puppet/lib/facter/facter_dot_d.rb
info: Loading facts in /var/lib/puppet/lib/facter/puppet_vardir.rb
info: Loading facts in /var/lib/puppet/lib/facter/iptables.rb
err: Could not ...
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1 Answer

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answered 2013-01-22 11:50:39 -0600

That error message is coming from your Puppetmaster (Error 400 on SERVER). You have storeconfigs enabled on your puppetmaster and configured to use mysql but don't have the mysql gem installed. Try running the same command on your master instead of the agent.

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Asked: 2013-01-22 01:55:00 -0600

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