Use Puppett to manage web ecosystem with Linux, WordPress MariaDB

asked 2017-04-21 14:44:06 -0600

Cyran gravatar image

Sorry for the elementary question I am trying to figure out how to use puppet to control a public website ecosystem We are Linux based and use WordPress / Maria DB. We have three environments DEV / QA / Production. with separate web servers and database servers, I am learning about puppet but i do not have a clear picture of how to manage this ecosystem with it. For example lets say i want to only manage the Linux Operating system and I have a Puppet Master server. But before i commit OS patches to the Master i want to test them in Dev and QA. So is the correct process to manage DEV / QA outside the Puppet Master and once ready for production to commit the changes to the puppet master and from there to the Production server? Or i can use puppet for everything so deploy to dev then to qa and finally to production ? Now since the database servers are different than the web servers, can i use puppet to patch/upgrade mariaDb . How about WordPress itself Can one master manage both the OS and the database and word Press ? Any help would be appreciated

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