Windows Puppet Service Restarts Automatically

asked 2017-04-25 10:06:31 -0600

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Hi, we are finding a strange issue on a few of our Windows servers running on Windows 2012. We did some testing on a staging server and we manually stopped the Puppet service, and even changed its start-up type to 'Disabled'. But the service would change back to a start-up type of 'automatic' and would kick in and another Puppet run would start. We are having a hard time figuring out what is doing this. The user that actually changes the start-up type is 'system'. We assumed that once a Puppet agent (service) on a Windows server is stopped, Puppet would not run until the service is restarted.

We checked all scheduled tasks that executed at the time and could not correlate any to a Puppet service restart. We certainly did not write any nor does the Puppet install seem to install any that would automatically restart the Puppet service if it was disabled.

The Puppet master doesn't connect to the agent but the conversation is initiated by the agent normally. Group Policy is also not changing the start up type of the service or restarting it for that matter.

Just wondering if anybody else has run into this. We can certainly disable puppet temporarily by running 'puppet agent --disable' and that works, but I'm still trying to understand if there is anything in the Puppet infrastructure that may mess with the service that I'm not aware of and force it to start back up.

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