How can I write code to install a script and .tar file on the same command for specific hostname?

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I am trying to write code to install SCCM on my puppet PE, the manual command is:

./install -mp <computer> -sitecode <sitecode> <property #1=""> <property #2=""> <client installation="" package="">

I know how to write a code for installing just one script , but how does it work , when there is a script and .tar file:

install is the name of the script file that installs the client for Linux and UNIX. This file is provided with the client software.

•-mp <computer specifies="" the="" initial="" management="" point="" that="" is="" used="" by="" the="" client.="" <="" p="">


•-sitecode <site code=""> specifies the site code that the client is assigned to.

Example: S01

•<property #1=""> <property #2=""> specifies the command-line properties to use with the installation script.

client installation package is the name of the client installation .tar package for this computer operating system, version, and CPU architecture. The client installation .tar file must be specified last.

Example: ccm-Universal-x64.<build>.tar

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