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Can I configure puppet to install packages through a proxy?

asked 2017-05-31 14:14:37 -0600

wfsaxton gravatar image

updated 2017-05-31 15:38:42 -0600

I have a few nodes that I'd like to install packages externally from my company (which sits behind a proxy). Is there anything in the "package" resource that would allow this?

Or is there a way I can temporarily set the environment variables http_proxy, https_proxy, and no_proxy while the package is being installed?

I see http_proxy_host can be set in puppet.conf, but I was just looking for a temporary solution...not something that permanently setup the proxy. Not to mention that this is only a single setting, and doesn't seem to support https_proxy or no_proxy settings.

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answered 2017-05-31 21:20:23 -0600

wfsaxton gravatar image

yum repo definitions can contain an entry "proxy" that enables you to set a proxy on a per-repo basis.

The yumrepo resource support this:

yumrepo { 'myrepo':
    proxy => ""
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