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Provide repository when using pkgng provider on FreeBSD

asked 2017-06-02 14:48:31 -0600

Helmut gravatar image


pkgng seems to use the default FreeBSD repositiory. Can I configure this to use my own (already existing) repository at /etc/pkg/?

Thank you!

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-06-05 23:26:07 -0600

DarylW gravatar image

Are you using an external module, or one native to puppet?

If you are using one from the forge, like, you can specify your information in a resource declaration like pkgng::repo { 'my.own.repo': } # You can then specify more...

You could either explicitly use your repo for a package

pkgng::repo { 'my.own.repo': }

package { 'puppet':
  source => 'urn:freebsd:repo:my.own.repo',

or you could 'prefer' your own repo by giving it a priority

pkgng::repo { '': }
pkgng::repo { 'my.own.repo':
  priority => 10,

package {'curl': }
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answered 2017-06-08 10:14:54 -0600

Helmut gravatar image

The native provider uses /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/*.conf so I'm fine. Thank you!

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