Restrict hiera (version 5) lookup at environment and module layers

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updated 2017-06-07 10:22:17 -0600

Hi, Recently I installed PE 2017.2 and got everything setup except hiera. Though I have used Hiera 3 it's going very tough to understand the configuration for all layers. However I have created a hiera.yaml in testing environment and defined the data structure like environment/data/node/mynode.yaml. Below is the content of hiera.yaml

version: 5
defaults:  # Used for any hierarchy level that omits these keys.
  datadir: data         # This path is relative to hiera.yaml's directory.
  data_hash: yaml_data  # Use the built-in YAML backend.

  - name: "Per-node data"                   
    path: "nodes/%{trusted.certname}.yaml"

Directory structure as follows:

[root@mobf7l4z0k testing]# ls data/nodes/
[root@mobf7l4z0k testing]# ls
data  environment.conf  hieradata  manifests  modules
[root@mobf7l4z0k testing]#

There's just one key in my qde1ar.yaml but I am not able to look that up. Getting following error:

[root@mobf7l4z0k hieradata]# puppet lookup name Warning: /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/hiera.yaml: Use of 'hiera.yaml' version 3 is deprecated. It should be converted to version 5 (in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/hiera.yaml)

Any idea how to fix it? Even I am not sure how to restrict my lookup to environment layer and it should not go and search for globally declared hiera structure.

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