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Puppet Enterprise - Console: User management

asked 2013-09-17 13:28:56 -0600

jaksky gravatar image


I am wondering if is it possible in PE console define roles per environment. Let me explain briefly. Imagine that puppet master manages environments: Production, User Aceptance Test, System Integration Test, Development.

As far as I understand user management in PE console, you can specify "roles" like Admin, Read-only, etc. But not sure if you can specify that role for given environment or set of machines. Because in real life production operational team doesn't want to let anyone else control production machines and on the other hand developers doesn't want to call operational team for every new ... (more)

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answered 2013-09-18 03:30:12 -0600

golja gravatar image

As far as I know you will need two different masters, because there is no way to limit one user to a specific environment.

From what I heard this is why some companies are using Puppet Open source for the dev/preprod environment and then the PE for the production, however as you know not all the features are available in the open source solution.

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