Need help Installing and configuration puppet-agent on Mac OS X 10.12.5

asked 2017-06-19 08:17:30 -0600

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Hi. I ask for help in properly installing the agent on the version of Mac OS X 10.12.5. Application downloaded from here: Unpacked and installed. After installation and startup, I confirmed the certificate on the puppet-master (format certificate fqdn name). Command execution "sudo /opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet agent --test" leads to success, but I want that the request from Mac Os X occurs automatically every 30 minutes (Self-executed is not always). Searching for information on the Internet and made a script, but even after its execution, requests to the server do not always pass. Also after restarting the Mac Os X, generated another request for a certificate with the same name, but without the fqdn name (those HOSTNAME, previously approved the entry in the list of certificates on the puppet-master is also present).

1) Please help with the correct installation and configuration of the automatic request from the client to the server puppet-agent for Mac Os X 10.12.5 2) How to configure so that one puppet agent on Mac OS X 10.12.5 were generated and there was only one certificate, not two as now (now HOSTNAME, and HOSTNAME.X, etc) About my architecture: Puppet-master 4.10.2 + puppetDB. Both on the same server Script:

sudo installer -pkg ./puppet-agent-1.10.2-1-installer.pkg -target /
    sudo /opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet resource group puppet ensure=present
    sudo /opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet resource user puppet ensure=present gid=puppet shell='/sbin/nologin'
    sudo chmod +x /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.puppetlabs.puppet.plist
    sudo chown root:wheel /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.puppetlabs.puppet.plist
    sudo chmod 644 /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.puppetlabs.puppet.plist
    sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.puppetlabs.puppet.plist
    sudo launchctl start com.puppetlabs.puppet
    sudo /opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet resource service puppet ensure=running enable=true
    sudo dscl . create /Users/puppet IsHidden 1

PS: I beg your pardon for some confusion

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