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Ghost images - ID all resources and modify configuration

asked 2013-09-19 08:36:31 -0600

PhilC gravatar image

I received ghost linux image and the programmer who built the image has left the company. Instead of spending countless days to go over every detail, I'd would like to use Puppet to discover all the resources, files, and potentially configurations (system and if possible some of the other files). Definitely would like to see what is executing, the files that are started up automatically, etc. Is there a way I can do this easily with Puppet?

Ultimately, we would need to replicated this ghost to many VM's with some slight modifications based on geography.

Thanks so much.

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answered 2013-09-19 09:53:08 -0600

GregLarkin gravatar image

puppet resource and some shell scripting will be a great way to do this:

For instance, you can generate Puppet code for all of the existing users like so:

grep -v ^# /etc/passwd | cut -f1 -d:| xargs -n1 puppet resource user

Here's how you can generate Puppet code for all services on a CentOS/RHEL box:

ls /etc/rc.d/init.d | xargs -n1 puppet resource service

Hope that helps!

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