puppet API endpoints (v3) and outlook on (v4)

asked 2017-08-09 09:22:09 -0600

luk3 gravatar image

I have recently been developing to work with API endpoints on version 3 or v3 such as /puppet/v3/catalog/agent.puppet.vm?environment=production /puppet/v3/environments etc...

In order to do this in my current environment [4.10] I had to set use-legacy-auth-conf to true in the Puppet Server Configuration Files. From everything I have been able to find in the documentation and test, a lot of this API functionality does not exist / work in v4.

My question is: will this eventually work in v4? Have I missed the documentation that explains how to do this in v4? If I am building on "legacy" API functionality, is this something that would be advised against?

Thank you in advance for consideration and time.

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