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asked 2017-08-17 13:24:23 -0600

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If we have web server running in client, does puppet agent also keep the config information locally? Or Does it get from Master?

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answered 2017-08-18 12:12:16 -0600

DarylW gravatar image

What do you mean by 'the config information'? Do you mean the puppet modules used to generate config, or the actual config files that you are setting up on the host? The only thing that 'sticks around' on the client are custom facts, resources, and libraries that are synced via modulesync, as well as log files about the run.

The rough flow of what happens is as follows

  • The master sends any 'plugins' to the client via pluginsync, which covers custom types, custom facter facts, etc.
  • The client then runs facter, gathers the facts and sends them back to the master.
  • The master then uses information gathered from the facts, and any information it needs from puppetdb (exported resources, etc) to compile the resource catalog. This is the list of things that puppet should be managing on your system, and the state they should be in.
  • The client receives the catalog from the master, and gathers up the state on the current system based on what resources the catalog requires (you can see this by running puppet resource service to see the information puppet knows about the services on your system, or puppet resource file /etc/hosts to see information about a specific resource that isn't gathered in bulk)
  • The client then uses the custom and built in resources to change 'what it is' to 'what it should be'.
  • Any successes and errors are gathered up from the run into the report.yaml, and shipped to (the master / puppetdb)
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