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how to get string from local(not puppet server)and store in manifest

asked 2017-08-19 02:40:29 -0600

gra gravatar image

hi all

i would like to use value from local content. the purpose is use file resource's content value

like below

$content_value = cat /file

file{'/file': content => $content_value, notify => Exex['my notify'] }

exec{'my notify'}

/file is from download internet and extract then created. so , puppet server dont know the content.

relally i would like to realize is if the file md5 is changed execute exec resource that's means i woud like to know the file in archive is change or not.

custom function do work server side , not client(local) side. so i dont know if how realize this. have anyone good idea?

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answered 2017-08-19 11:31:19 -0600

bess gravatar image

You cannot do this. Variables are interpolated on the Master, not agent. Same goes for functions.

Only way to get this data via custom facts. Write a fact that executes 'cat' and returns the result as a variable. Facts can also return arrays and hashes.

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