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I have a task to automate the oracle database build using puppet server, since i am new to puppet any guidance on this would be really helpful

asked 2017-08-24 01:42:37 -0600

shajics gravatar image

I am from DBA {Ops} background and would like to know, if anyone has already done it or have any idea on how that can be done.

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answered 2017-08-24 09:28:50 -0600

Jeremiah Powell gravatar image

Setup of Oracle is a common task that has a lot of parts.

Puppet does this quite well so there are a lot of modules for this on the forge:

You'll have the oracle required and recommended local users, possibly standard group identification numbers to configure. On both Windows and Linux there are a number of tuning settings to apply.

You will want to consider how to approach this. Some of the forge modules will handle parts of this, but your site's Oracle install is likely to be customized enough to warrant developing your own modules for at least some of it.

  1. How much freedom do you have over the process?
  2. Is this a greenfield new deploy or are you dealing with ancient platforms, old or missing Puppet support and a priesthood of DBAs that require specific sacrifices to vendor support statements?
  3. Do you prefer to use small dedicated modules for configuring parts like users, system configuration then install or a monolithic module that does it all?
  4. How do you feel about the Roles and Profiles pattern?
  5. Does your site use standard user IDs? Puppet can setup and enforce user settings trivially..
  6. Will you use puppet to manage ssh keys for UNIX users? Puppet can distribute those easily.
  7. Do you plan on managing kernel tuning on Linux by editing dedicated files in /etc/sysctl.d or direct editing of /etc/sysctl.conf?
  8. Does you OS distribution even permit that? There is an approved augeas provider for Puppet just to do this.
  9. Where will you put and store and how will you distribute oracle installation files? Puppet isn't a file service so deploying a huge oracleinstantclient file from /files in a module is not recommended.
  10. If you plan on using Oracle Linux or RPM distributions, are you going to locally store a copy of the Oracle F/OSS software and Unbreakable Linux packages that everything wants to require?
  11. If you are using local package repositories, how? Pulp? Satellite? Katello? Spacewalk? A raw HTTP server? NFS mounts? Puppet can manage the whole lifecycle for your configuration management tool chain of choice.
  12. How mature are your DBAs at working locally with your platform? That is, is your organization able to build their own packages or are your DBAs using tarball installers and manual configuration?
  13. If you use LDAP, keberos or FreeIPA as a directory service? You'll still want local accounts for users like oracle or groups like dba.
  14. Are you using LDAP for tnsames.ora?

Oracle makes considerable money from installation services. That doesn't mean you cannot learn to install and setup one of their products on your own.

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