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need help on ruby mine setup in local environment to test puppet changes

asked 2017-10-13 09:37:10 -0600

need help on ruby mine setup in local environment to test puppet changes

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answered 2017-10-14 00:10:55 -0600

DarylW gravatar image

Hello! I don't have a complete answer for you, since I am not a rubymine user, but RubyMine is just a re-skinned collection of plugins for IntelliJ, correct? In that case, your first step would be to install the puppet plugin for intellij.. Linked from the main page of The Puppet Forge, Here is the link to the JetBrains IDE Plugins.

That will give your IDE some support for puppet syntax, and a few other features related to the environment. There is some supporting documentation at That page mentions the following:


Before you start working with Puppet, make sure that the Puppet Support plugin is enabled. The plugin is bundled with RubyMine and is activated by default. If the plugin is not activated, enable it on the Plugins page of the Settings / Preferences Dialog as described in Enabling and Disabling Plugins.

Also, puppet gem should be installed on your Ruby SDK.

The majority of 'running' or 'testing' your puppet code is ruby based, centered around rspec puppet tests, and beaker integration tests, so however you normally manage your gem dependencies with bundler and run rake/rspec in RubyMine, that should apply just as well to the puppet module.

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