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err: Could not request certificate: Error 400 on SERVER: unknown message digest algorithm

asked 2017-11-01 04:00:28 -0600

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updated 2018-02-16 08:50:47 -0600

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Recently i have wrongly removed the client(Amazon linux) certificate in puppet master, to recreate it i have deleted the /var/lib/puppet/ssl directory and then run command #puppet agent -t on the client and got the below error. The same method of regenerating the puppet certifiacte worked fine on Redhat linux servers.

Puppet Client:

[root@proxy-AZa ~]# cd /var/lib/puppet/ssl/
[root@proxy-AZa ssl]# ls -lrt
total 24
drwxr-x--- 2 puppet root   4096 Oct 30 17:32 private
drwxr-x--- 2 puppet root   4096 Oct 30 17:32 private_keys
drwxr-xr-x 2 puppet root   4096 Oct 30 17:32 public_keys
drwxr-xr-x 2 puppet root   4096 Oct 30 17:32 certs
drwxr-xr-x 2 puppet root   4096 Oct 31 06:52 certificate_requests
drwxrwx--- 5 puppet puppet 4096 Oct 31 09:30 ca
[root@proxy-AZa ssl]# rm -rf *
[root@proxy-AZa ssl]# puppet agent -t
info: Creating a new SSL key for proxy-aza.ad2015sit
info: Caching certificate for ca
info: Creating a new SSL certificate request for proxy-aza.ad2015sit
info: Certificate Request fingerprint (md5): F4:45:68:AA:A8:48:5D:6D:D6:B2:62:11:70:5C:D3:AD
err: Could not request certificate: Error 400 on SERVER: unknown message digest algorithm
Exiting; failed to retrieve certificate and waitforcert is disabled

Puppet Master

[root@puppet tmp]# puppet cert list
  "" (SHA256) 9E:5C:51:B9:65:F5:02:96:D0:B1:84:52:95:6B:49:80:C9:3A:17:20:80:1E:31:FA:D7:80:6B:41:D1:C2:7A:6D
  "proxy-aza.ad2015sit"       (MD5) 9E:90:70:C9:91:F8:80:2A:FE:C2:C5:71:FD:A7:F2:73
  "proxy-aza"            (MD5) 6C:9D:77:3C:C0:5D:08:26:A8:3F:3E:3D:C6:DA:CF:49
  "win-0ev7r2vfdqc"                           (SHA256) 78:FA:FB:8F:07:1D:01:FA:CF:F0:29:EB:9F:94:B9:2A:23:31:F9:91:E4:29:6F:58:07:82:94:42:36:73:C6:B3
  "win-4fucdt6gaiv"                           (SHA256) B2:92:F8:81:5D:78:AB:1A:77:6A:46:AD:9A:AE:7E:3A:0B:2C:8E:9A:4F:9D:18:1D:99:10:2D:D5:18:2B:F6:10
  "win-nr2kko32ipn"                           (SHA256) F8:4B:48:31:03:D7:B9:F4:20:4C:DC:A6:25:E5:67:17:B0:6E:13:53:32:FA:94:A4:8C:E6:57:6B:D5:BA:55:FB
  "win-qv88oi3kji6"                           (SHA256) CF:45:DB:A2:E4:F8:57:85:B7:E6:25:CD:82:E0:32:8D:EE:83:12:FC:CA:E6:00:8D:83:63:54:F1:74:72:85:CA
  "win-sct3th2f3s7"                           (SHA256) 01:2F:4A:05:F2:06:8E:80:47:D5:8F:6E:A9:4E:9C:42:90:58:8D:8D:AE:75:B5:45:E9:78:FA:B5:B6:9E:BE:D1
You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root
[root@puppet tmp]# puppet cert sign "proxy-aza.ad2015sit"
Error: unknown message digest algorithm

The certificates are generated with MD5 and not in SHA256 format. The problem exists only on amazon linux ... (more)

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Also we have few other amazon linux servers running and already signed SHA256 format. When i regenerating this we are getting into this issue.

vinotv gravatar imagevinotv ( 2017-11-01 04:02:02 -0600 )edit

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answered 2018-02-16 07:51:16 -0600

vinotv gravatar image

I haven't get any response from here. But I got the fix. I have upgraded the puppet to puppet3 and facter2 and then puppet agent -t from client able to communicate with the server and generating the SHA256 finger print. All looks good now.

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