Ho to custom install puppet master and agent ( non -root)

asked 2017-11-02 10:42:07 -0600

nimika gravatar image

Hello, By default puppet (PE 4.x) master uses pe-puppet user for installation . can i install it as another user instead of pe-puppet ? can i perform a custom install on master ? is there any default password for pe-puppet user created ? Do i need to create the password myself and use it to login ? as if i don't have the pe-puppet user access i wont be able to modify any of the code/manifests

When i install agents that also i owned by root . In out organization we do not get access to root so would need to install agent as non-root . i see doc on how to install agent as non-root in unix

in short we will not have root access so how do we write/modify the code/manifests on master ?

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