PUppet apply works locally but puppet agent is not able to apply site.pp from remote node

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Here are my configuration files -


certname = tree
server = puppet
runinterval = 1h
environment = production
strict_variables = true
sotreconfigs_backend = none
sotreconfigs_backend = none = environment=production
logdir = /var/log/puppet
vardir = /var/lib/puppet
ssldir = /var/lib/puppet/ssl
rundir = /var/run/puppet
factpath = /var/lib/puppet/lib/facter
default_manifest=/etc/puppetlabs/code/manifests/site.pp = environment=production

dns_alt_names = puppet, tree
storeconfigs = false
storeconfigs_backend = none
environment_timeout = 10s
confdir = /etc/puppetlabs/puppet

autosign = true




certname = puppet-agent-test.iabp.nl
server = puppet 
environment = production
runinterval = 1h
logdir = /var/log/puppet/
vardir = /var/lib/puppet
ssldir = /var/lib/puppet/ssl

puppet cert list -all

+ "puppet-agent-test.iabp.nl" (SHA256)

cat code/manifests/site.pp

node 'puppet-agent-test' {
      notice ['Hey Puppet agent']

node 'tree' {
      notice ['Hey Puppet Master']

node default {}

puppet apply code/manifests/site.pp

Notice: Scope(Node[tree]): [Hey Puppet Master]
Notice: Compiled catalog for tree.iabp.nl in environment production in 0.07 seconds
Notice: Applied catalog in 0.01 seconds

puppet agent -tv --configtimeout=1000 --waitforcert=1000

Info: Using configured environment 'production'
Info: Retrieving pluginfacts

Info: Retrieving plugin
Info: Caching catalog for puppet-agent-test.iabp.nl
Info: Applying configuration version '1509688040'
Notice: Applied catalog in 0.01 seconds
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Hi Chandra1392, Can you share the output of: puppet config print manifest --section master --environment production

stivesso gravatar imagestivesso ( 2017-11-05 01:13:49 -0600 )edit