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Puppet apply error (Error: Failed to apply catalog: uninitialized constant Aws::EC2). Pls help debug.

asked 2017-11-04 01:24:15 -0600

akash gravatar image

Hi, I have just installed puppet and it seemed to work for a hello world test (create a temp file). Next I installed puppetlabs-aws module (along with aws-sdk gem), but i am not able to make it work. Every time i try to use any aws module construct (security group, ec2) i get the below error: Error: Failed to apply catalog: uninitialized constant Aws::EC2. Currently I am trying to use command puppet apply -t on the puppet server node only.

On googling I found that error is due to mismatch among the aws module and gem library (v1 vs v2), but i do seem to have v2 aws module and 3.6 aws-sdk, so both seem to be v2 or above.. Please help me debug the error. Thanks.

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answered 2017-11-06 02:55:30 -0600

akash gravatar image

Hi, Have just been able to make it work. Issue was that aws module v2 did not work with aws-sdk core v3. After downgrading it to aws-sdk core v2 (2.10.78), it started to work.


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