use multiple facts into an array

asked 2017-11-13 09:05:59 -0600

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Is there a way to take three facts that every host reports: "$::ipaddress,", "$::fqdn", "$::hostname" push them into an array or arrays and use them in a class that generates a config file. Still reltivly new to puppet and ruby and searched all around couldn't find anything other than this:

but that is just one piece of the puzzle.

going into this:

class myclass  {
  file { "::${hostname}.cfg"
    path => '/tmp/test',
    ensure => 'file',
    content => template ('myclass/hosts.cfg.erb'),

Thanks for any help

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Hi Allen, Can you share what you'd like your template file to look like (even without the variable...)?

stivesso gravatar imagestivesso ( 2017-11-14 05:32:51 -0600 )edit

You can unite multiple facts into an array just by specifying a literal array, so: [$ipaddress, $fqdn, $hostname]

Kai Burghardt gravatar imageKai Burghardt ( 2017-11-14 11:46:41 -0600 )edit