Puppet server to use different server (itself) to send reports

asked 2018-01-15 05:45:22 -0600

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There are two puppet masters. pupmasterone.localdomain and pupmastertwo.localdomain. pupmastertwo is fetching configuration from pupmasterone and sending its reports to pupmasterone. (This is normal behaviour)

If we change the report_server in pupmastertwo to report to itself, it is throwing an error.

puppet.conf (pupmasterone)

certname = pupmasterone.localdomain.com
server = puppet.one.localdomain.com
dns_alt_names = pupmasteroone,pupmasteroone.localdomain.com,puppet.one,puppet.one.localdomain.com
ca = true
certname = puppet.one.localdomain.com

puppet.conf (pupmastertwo)

report_server = puppet.two.localdomain.com
certname = pupmasterotwo.localdomain.com
server = puppet.one.localdomain.com
dns_alt_names = pupmasterotwo,pupmasterotwo.localdomain.com,puppet.two,puppet.two.localdomain.com
ca = true
certname = puppet.two.localdomain.com

Getting error as:

Error: Could not send report: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=unknown state: sslv3 alert certificate unknown
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