Using Puppet 3.8.x with latest activemq (5.15.3)

asked 2018-02-19 02:42:57 -0600

Hi, We are using puppet 3.8.7 and activemq that got installed with it. However, we are seeing many issues and want to upgrade activemq atleast for now to get latest fixes. Puppet upgrade is also in the plan for long term.

Can someone suggest if using latest activemq ( such as 5.15.3 is compatible in place of old activemq with 3.8.x?

Can we also use latest JDK from Oracle in place of openjdk 1.7.x?

This is our current list of packages on CentOS 7.x: puppet-3.8.7-1.el6.noarch activemq-5.9.1-2.el6.noarch openjdk java version "1.7.0_141"

Thanks! Bhushan

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