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How to migrate the hiera v3 (global) option :merge_behavior: deeper to hiera v5?

asked 2018-03-16 02:47:58 -0600

M.Laroche gravatar image


1) How can i tell hiera v5 to use the merge behavior deep as global default?

I can tell every lookup() the use {merge => 'deep'} or configure these options in a hiera data file. But i want to set this behavior as global default, like in hiera v1-3 and I didn't find it how to do that.


Have I to configure it in every hiera data file, only where the key matches or it is in one File enough (first or last file in hierarchy)?


MfG Matthias

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answered 2018-03-16 03:55:46 -0600

M.Laroche gravatar image


Sorry, asked and 30 minutes later found:

Remove dead settings

Remove everything except the :hierarchy setting.

Delete the following settings completely:


These have no equivalent in a version 5 config, and are no longer needed. Delete them if they’re present. If you’d like to learn about how Hiera 5 supports deep hash merging, see Merging data from multiple sources.

Solution under Hiera 5:

And question 2 isanswered, too.

In any Hiera data source, including module data:

  1. Use the lookup_options key to configure merge behavior.

Really any Hiera data source?

MfG Matthias

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